Ithaca Tower; Ithaca-Tompkins Regional Airport (KITH)

Doug Lewis

   Ithaca Tower is a pilot-friendly, service-oriented facility promoting a safe and efficient operating environment at a level one VFR tower. Ithaca-Tompkins Regional Airport has more daily operations than either Elmira or Binghamton airports, both of which have radar! We separate and sequence traffic based on pilot reported positions or radar from Elmira until we get you in view (yup...binoculars)! Your accurate position reports (distance, direction AND altitude) facilitate the flow of traffic and enhance safety. We consider safe and efficient air traffic flow to be team effort, involving the tower controller and a knowledgeable and cooperative pilot. We operate by the standard rules of the controller's handbook; 7110.65. Pilots follow the FARs as well as the AIM for guidance. Between all these documents there are some "gray areas" and confusion which we hope to dispel with this web site. Please use these references and let us know how our service is working for you! We want Ithaca to be a preferred destination for your operations and to provide you superior air traffic service. Click here for current flights at Ithaca. Click here for airport data (AirNav). Letter to Airmen with new runway lengths ("How much runway do we have?) The Pilot/Controller Glossary is a great resource for correct radio phraseology!

Ithaca is an "FAA Contract Tower" managed by Midwest Air Traffic Control. Contract towers have recently been recognized by the DOT as being more cost efficient and safer than FAA Towers! We are proud of our safety record and history of awards.

Initial Contact and Pattern Entry

Pattern and Runway Procedures

Taxi and Take-Off Procedures

Ithaca Diagram (pdf)




The best kept secret in Ithaca: Visit the Second Landing Restaurant (in the terminal) for a wonderful meal!

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